Countryside Pear - May 2024 Country Wyx Box Reveal

May 23, 2024

Countryside Pear - May 2024 Country Wyx Box Reveal

Imagine walking into a room where the air is filled with the comforting scent of fresh, juicy pears. It's like being wrapped in a warm hug from the countryside itself. This isn't just any smell; it's a blend that captures the essence of simple pleasures and cozy moments.

Sweetness Meets Spice

At the heart of this aroma is the pear, sweet and ripe as if it's just been plucked from a tree. Then, there's a sprinkle of soft sugar that adds a layer of delightful sweetness. But what really makes this scent unique is the warm touch of cinnamon and nutmeg. These spices bring a hint of excitement, like the feeling you get when leaves start to turn colors in the fall.

Rich and Comforting Undertones

Beneath the initial sweetness and spice, there are deeper, richer notes that make the scent even more inviting. Imagine buttery pecans, their earthy flavor adding depth to the fragrance. And then, the smooth vanilla comes through, creamy and calming, tying everything together perfectly.


Country Wyx Box - Countryside Pear 8oz Candle Country Wyx Box - Countryside Pear Wax Melt


A comforting blend of fresh, juicy pear dusted with soft sugar, warm cinnamon and nutmeg with subtle undertones of buttery pecans and smooth vanilla bringing the serene and simple pleasures of the country right into your home.

The smell of Countryside Pear is a beautiful mix of fruit, sugar, spice, and everything nice. It's a fragrance that can make any place feel like home, reminding us of the calm and joy found in nature's simplicity.

Don't forget... each month you get to choose to enjoy the limited edition scent as an 8oz mason jar candle or 2 wax melts. The 8oz mason jar candle is hand-poured with coconut-blend wax and a natural cotton wick for a clean, long-lasting, and even burn of up to 50 hours. The wax melts are a flameless alternative also hand-poured with coconut-blend wax and have an average burn time of 10 hours per wax melt cube.

Buffalo Check Hand Towel - Black & White 


This black and white buffalo check hand towel is super absorbent and perfect for adding a farmhouse feel to any kitchen or bathroom!


Easy Cinnamon Pear Butter 


The May Box also included an Easy Cinnamon Pear Butter recipe!

This easy cinnamon pear butter is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors. It's a delicious spread that's simple to make and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Whether you're spreading it on toast, swirling it into oatmeal, or using it as a topping for pancakes, this pear butter is sure to become a new favorite.




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