Why I Created Country Wyx Candles

February 27, 2021

Why I Created Country Wyx Candles
Country Wyx Candles - Caddy Family with horses

Hi there and welcome! My name is Allison and this is my family on our acreage just outside of Kearney, Nebraska. I'm a bit of a shy country girl who used to rarely post on social media but that all changed when I decided to pursue my passion for creating candles to share my love for country living.

For as long as I can remember, I've always turned to the peace and quiet of the countryside whenever I feel overwhelmed with all of life's to-dos. 

When things get hectic and it’s hard to catch my next breath, a walk in the pasture or down a dirt road is where it’s at for me. It’s where I go to think deeply or not at all. 

The sun-warmed breeze on my skin feels like the lightest, most comforting touch. A gust of wind is all it takes to sweep the constant noise of our world from my ears. I listen carefully to the sounds of nature and remember the good things in life, the simple things.

I often use candles to help recreate this sense of calm and comfort in my own home. Whether it's cuddling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and great book or playing a board game with your family after a home-cooked meal, a candle is often an integral part of creating an atmosphere of family, love, and laughter.

In a world that never seems to slow down, only speed up, it can be incredibly difficult to create a haven where you can disconnect and unwind.

So... I created Country Wyx Candles to help you escape the overwhelm and enjoy the simpler things in life. Whether it is cherished memories of the past or precious moments of today, your home is the calm among the chaos. 🕯