Warm & Toasty - February 2024 Country Wyx Box Reveal

February 22, 2024

Warm & Toasty - February 2024 Country Wyx Box Reveal

Sitting by the fireplace with a blanket wrapped around you can be one of the best feelings. Imagine the fire's gentle crackle and the soft glow it casts around the room. You're holding your favorite book, losing yourself in its pages. The warmth from the fire mixes with the snug comfort of the blanket, making you feel safe and relaxed. It's like the outside world with all its noise and rush just fades away, leaving you in this peaceful moment. This is the perfect way to spend some quiet time, just you and your book, enjoying the simple joy of reading.

As you turn each page, the story pulls you deeper into its world. The characters feel like old friends, their adventures unfolding right before your eyes. You might even forget where you are for a moment because you're so caught up in the tale. Every so often, you look up from your book to add another log to the fire, keeping that cozy atmosphere alive.

The blanket around your shoulders feels like a warm hug, and with each chapter, you sink a little deeper into the cushions. Outside, the wind might be howling, but it doesn't bother you. Inside, it's just the right amount of light, warmth, and comfort. It's these simple pleasures—a good book, a warm fire, a comfy blanket—that make an ordinary evening feel special.


Country Wyx Box - February 2024 - Warm & Toasty 8oz Candle Country Wyx Box - February 2024 - Warm & Toasty Wax Melts


Escape the winter chill with a comforting blend of sugar, cinnamon, and buttercream, accented with hints of warm honey and molasses. Grab a cozy blanket and your favorite book, and settle in for a relaxing evening. 


Warm & Toasty was custom blended with a warm, relaxing evening in mind. I hope this scent helps you create the perfect atmosphere for reading your favorite book or just taking time to relax and shut out all of the constant noises of the world for awhile.

Don't forget... each month you get to choose to enjoy the limited edition scent as an 8oz mason jar candle or 2 wax melts. The 8oz mason jar candle is hand-poured with coconut-blend wax and a natural cotton wick for a clean, long-lasting, and even burn of up to 50 hours. The wax melts are a flameless alternative also hand-poured with coconut-blend wax and have an average burn time of 10 hours per wax melt cube.

Country Wyx Box - February 2024 - Cozy Plaid Socks 


These cozy plaid socks were made with your comfort in mind and are the perfect way to keep your feet warm & toasty while you enjoy a good book cuddled up by the fire!


Homemade Caramel Latte 


The February Box also included a delicious recipe for Homemade Caramel Latte!

During the harsh cold winter months, when the chill seems to seep into your very bones, there is nothing that provides warmth and comfort quite like this particular hot spiced tea! Its soothing heat and the intricate blend of spices work together to create an incredibly comforting beverage that not only warms your body, but also lifts your spirits. Truly, it is the perfect companion for those long, icy winter nights.




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